Steps to getting your website set up:Azalea Creations Website List Planning


1. Web Hosting – You have to have web hosting and if you purchase it here, we guarantee it to work. Otherwise you could waste time and spend more money than you need to. Click on the option below that best serves your needs.

    * Option 1:  Monthly: Hosting for $25 per month / $300 per year

    * Option 2: Quarterly: Hosting for $54 per quarter (Every 3 Months)
      (Save $84!) / $216 per year / $18 per month

    * Option 3: Yearly: Hosting for $180. per year  BEST DEAL!!
      (Save $120!) / $15 per month

2. Define Your Needs: What pages are needed on your website: Home, Services, About Us, Contact Us, Testimonials, Prices, etc.

3. Contact Us for a quote on Basic Website Setup, Hosting, Design, & Time. * When we initially design a website for a client,  we require the first year of hosting up front, then you can pay monthly, quarterly or yearly.

We will discuss your needs and offer suggestions to get you the best website for your business. :)

Keep us in mind when it comes time to market your business! We can help with video marketing and creation, social media marketing, direct mail, billboards, networking (referral programs), etc. We can help you to gain even more prospects, visitors, and customers.

4. Platform: Your website will be built using WordPress. No special software to buy. No downloads. No installation on your computer. Using WordPress gives our clients the power to edit/change their content as they see fit. No more being held hostage by a web developer. We only use WordPress in all of our website designs. All samples shown are created in WordPress and custom designed to the clients specifications.

5. Video Training: We will provide, upon request, links to video tutorials to show step by step editing of WordPress content/pages.

6. Training: You should rarely need extra help, but we are available for additional production, consulting or design time – $135 per hour